£50K Challenge Update

It has been a long time since I posted an update on this site about my £50K Betfair challenge and that is because I have been focusing hard on it. Now my manual trading was pretty terrible; you can all see that from my early videos. However, as the months have gone on I have

I Made £867.41 In One Day With BetFair Horse Racing

This video has been a long time coming, and I do apologise to everyone for that has been waiting to hear my progress and also just genuinely see that I have not blown my bank. Everyone seems to have their own trading style and going "in play seems" to be the way that I like

My First Three Figure Profitable Day Trading Horses

I did not think I would be talking about this momentous day so soon from starting to trade horses on the Betfair market using Bet Angel, but it has happened, and I am so damn excited. I have been trading horses in play today, and I seem to have the "Knack" for it as every

£81.78 Profit Today… Pretty Pleased With That

I spent this morning looking for a new winter Motorbike to muck about on and help promote one of my other companies and I was then heading to Southampton for their final Bike Night of the year. However, I was home early from the motorcycle viewing and so decided to see what the horse markets

A Rough Day Trading The Betfair Markets

I had hoped today was a day of good horse racing and the trading was going to be as good as the last couple of days, but it was terrible, and I mean terrible. The markets left me scratching my head, and literally, everything I touched today flipped against me. It was really pissing me

Another Profitable Day But Still Need To Cut My Big Losses Out

I woke up bright and early and decided that I would go for a nice long walk with the wife and see a bit of the countryside as I have been cooped up all weekend and I needed some exercise and some fresh air so took the camera out and just generally had a few

Last Minute Decision To Trade Can Never End Well…. But….

In the early hours of Monday and I am playing with the international football markets, and that was pretty good in fairness and made a tidy little profit, and a 3 am finish was not planned, but worth it I think. Monday and Tuesdays were meant to be the days that I have a rest from

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