I have been flat out busy on other projects but in between being a dad and working my arse off I am getting a fair amount of trading in and I am loving it and I am making some good profits. I have made the conscious effort to not trade hours upon hours at a time and to be frank that has been a good move for me asit was getting depressing spending hours in front of the screen and scraping a little profit and then I would go in deeper and make dumb mistakes.

Shorter trading stints is working great and I am better focused on the markets which is a lot better. I also am trading the very sketchy markets which are the evening horse race markets and I am finding it not too bad, don’t get me wrong I have got on the wrong side of a few bad moves but I have either managed to trade out for a profit or I have cut my losses and taken a small loss.

All is good and I am pleased with how it is all going and even my cheeky little in play moments have been well thought out and have all gone as I expected, I am confident that I am now on teh right route for my £50K challenge and by the summer I will be well underway for Pre Race profits.

I have even created a cheeky little bot that is doing really well and I have quite a bit of confidence in it and I am actually really quite pleased with the amount of markets it has traded and the losses that comes with bots have been well managed and what is even better is that I am confident that this will be able to pinch some regular money.

With all that being said I am going to be not trading now till next week as I am away on business but I will be running the bot and seeing how that performs while I work.

Thanks again for reading and watching