Well today I was hopeful that the greyhounds was going to be producing me some good profits but alas it was not to be. I was a little concerned this morning when the first few races where losses and it continued through the day.

At the end of the day I was £29.43 down on the greyhounds so I can safely say that this greyhound automation bot has met a sorry end.

however, the betfair horse racing automation bot is still doing very well with profits of £7.96 which would have been good if it was just on its own so all in all not a great day but still I will fire the horse bot up tomorrow and let it do its thing and we will see how well it goes tomorrow.

I think this bot actually has what it takes to be profitable long term as it does have losses but the ins are outweighing the losses so in theory we should be up consistently.

Only time will tell but fingers crossed it will be ok. I now need to recover my losses from today.