It has been a shaky start to 2018 to be honest, with all good intentions I wanted to just trade pre-race then I get sucked into trading in play then I get a little burnt, and I stop trading for a few days, and the cycle continues.

I have done ok for January and February, to be honest, and I have made money, but it has been done by being lucky and of very little skill. You can see my videos, and you can see that a lot of it is just down to luck. I am struggling to get consistency, and I am struggling to not go in play. The markets have been a bit sketchy with some big moves, and it seems that whatever I do the markets goes against me.

However, the last few days we have had snow days here in the UK which has meant there has been very little racing, and I can’t be bothered so I have been reading and cramming information and trying to find and work out why I am not doing as well as I would have wanted. To be frank, I have had to do this with my whole other business as well as I have just got very complacent with life and although I am happy I can see that I am getting very lazy.

On looking at my trading style and where I mainly go wrong and that is that I have the urge to trade everything and I mean everything, every race I want to find something, and I am going in blindly into the markets without really thinking and looking at why I am doing it. The other thing is that I am ignoring signals whether it be the signals that tell me to get in or out of a trade and when I do get into a trade I either stay in till I have made a loss or get out for a tiny profit. Either which way I am not maximizing my profits and cutting my losses.

The other thing is when I get a trade that has gone sour, and it is near post time I often take it in play and then gamble that the price will drop into the green and it often does, but on the odd time that it does not I lose and l lose badly. This is one thing that I have been working on recently to overcome and to battle against, and thankfully Bet Angel has a servant to sort that out, so I have been using that to green up at in play time.

The next thing I have been looking at is simply waiting for something to happen, and then I react rather than trying to second-guess the markets with my very limited knowledge, and this just backfires. I also need to try and reduce the losses, and if I do reduce the losses, the profits will follow.

It all seems pretty obvious but the battle with your mind is brutal, and that is my struggle.

I will get there, and I will make this work I just need to get my shit together and sorted first