Well I set the betfair automation Bot off on both the greyhounds and also the horses today I left it alone to do its thing and generally hopefully be in profit at the end of the day. The greyhound automation bot is literally a gambling bot but I am banking on it being in my favour most days so should end up profitable. Well that is my theory.

Well the greyhound bot made a little profit today but reality is it should have potential to be a good bot as it traded 99 markets and it had 23 losers but that wiped a lot of the profits out for the day which sucks as if it had not had any losers then we would be looking at being about £45 up in profit so I have to take today as possibly an exception the the rule. It is very early to say to be honest so I will keep testing and see what we look like at the end of the week. Maybe I need to refine the selection a bit better I am not sure yet.

As with the betfair horse racing automation bot it saw another profitable day albeit quite small but we did take on some losses but all in all it is not too bad and so hopefully that will continue to grow over time. I am still on small stakes but I need to keep an open mind on it all I think.

So the bots still plod and keep growing….

So for the last week we are about £11 up on the horses and we are £0.83 up on the dogs so it is not all bad I dont think.

Tomorrow may be a bit sketchy as I am not sure if I want to leave my PC on while I am away but we will see