2017 was Great But I need 2018 to be way-way better

Well it's the first month of 2018, and it is at this point I need to take a look back at what happened in 2017, and I have to say it has been a massive year for my family and me. I have been pushing some projects pretty hard and let others bumble along, and

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The Peaks and Troughs Of Being an Online Entrepreneur

This is a taboo subject and quite a tough topic for me to write about but fuck it here goes. I live a kind of cool lifestyle I make good money, and I make it on my terms and being an online entrepreneur. I get to set my own hours and work as and when

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Lets Take A Look Back At What I have Been Doing

I spent a full year of my life working on a property that we bought in a tiny little seaside village on the south coast of England. We use to barent this property many moons ago, and so when we were living there, we knew exactly what we would do if we bought it and

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Twitters Emergency Service

When the Japanese tsunami hit the news spread like wild fire across Twitter and this happened before the news even knew about the natural disaster. It was quite clear that the social network had taken on the role far beyond its usual of gossip and social news. Within an hour all the phone lines were

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How To Use Scrape Box To Blog Comment

ScrapeBox has been a very useful tool for me over the years and like I showed you in the first video of my ScrapeBox series it is a very very good tool to have at your disposal. In the first article on ScrapeBox, I wrote about it being blackhat tool and not being a blackhat

ScrapeBox – How To Find Blogs To Comment On

Scrapebox has to be one of the tools that you either love it or hate it or simply have never heard of it. I have had Scrapebox since it first came out all those years ago, and I have to say it has become a valuable part of my internet marketing toolbox. There are a

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Clearing Out For Christmas

I have had a pretty desperate week so far to be honest which has not been helped by a few on going health issues that keep putting spanners in the works and today was the first time that I have had to cancel a meeting because I simply could not manage the 2-hour drive. Well,

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RIP… eBay Partner Network – It Has Been Profitable…

I have been a huge eBay affiliate for a long time now, and I have made some massive pay days in the past but when their quality click pricing came in 2009, it was a massive hit to my earnings and after that, my commissions tumbled. Well, I managed to recover the sites and started

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LogoNerds Review – Do Not Use LogoNerds

I've used LogoNerds for many years and up until last week I was very happy with them in the service that they offered. I was even recommending them to clients and customers of mine, along with friends and family who have all use them in the past. However, last week I was welcomed in my

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