2017 was Great But I need 2018 to be way-way better

Well it's the first month of 2018, and it is at this point I need to take a look back at what happened in 2017, and I have to say it has been a massive year for my family and me. I have been pushing some projects pretty hard and let others bumble along, and

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Clearing Out For Christmas

I have had a pretty desperate week so far to be honest which has not been helped by a few on going health issues that keep putting spanners in the works and today was the first time that I have had to cancel a meeting because I simply could not manage the 2-hour drive. Well,

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RIP… eBay Partner Network – It Has Been Profitable…

I have been a huge eBay affiliate for a long time now, and I have made some massive pay days in the past but when their quality click pricing came in 2009, it was a massive hit to my earnings and after that, my commissions tumbled. Well, I managed to recover the sites and started

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How To Get WordPress To Post To Your Facebook Page

I recently did a YouTube tutorial on how to get WordPress to post directly to your Facebook page. This is being quite busy and popular video on YouTube and or that reason I decided that it was probably a good idea to do a quick post on how to do it and explain the reason

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My First Ever Ban From The Warrior Forum….

So I am on holiday and seeing as I am meant to be relaxing I thought that I would go on light duties and just surf my usual forums and read about the different ways other people are making money. Or should I say pretend that they are making money :-) One thing I have

My Powerful WordPress Plugins

It has been exceptionally busy over the last few months as ever, and as always, I seem to start my blog posts like this, and I suppose it's not a bad thing as if I had a lot of time to write posts it will mean that I wasn't busy and more to the point

Affiliate Secret #4: Always Track Your Promotional Efforts

Tracking and testing to the main ingredients when assessing success and failure of any affiliate marketing campaign, and I am known to say something, which goes along the lines of... “you can’t improve what you can’t measure” This has never been so true when it comes to affiliate marketing as you need to work out

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Affiliate Secret #2: Build Your Own Targeted Opt-In List

Welcome to Part two of my affiliate marketing secrets blog series and in this post I am going to be talking about the power of building a list and how it can supercharge your marketing efforts. I do things the way I do because they have worked for me in the past, however, I am

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7 Secrets To Affiliate Marketing Part #1

I have been getting a few questions via email and twitter about affiliate marketing, and if there are any secrets that they should know about. There are about seven secrets to Affiliate marketing, and I am going to split these up into seven posts. I hope you enjoy reading them, don't forget to read the

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