Well, it starts again…

I had planned on starting on Saturday and to be honest Saturday was an excellent day for Betfair horse racing trading I made some right moves and was doing well. Right up until my pregnant wife decided to throw boiling baked beans about the kitchen and burn her hands. I fly down the stairs and at that time a trade goes in play, and I lose a sum of money…

That pissed me off, but the good thing is my wife’s hand survived and after we got back from the hospital I traded pretty well but not enough to recover the losses.

On Sunday I was not in the right frame of mind and had connection issues, and I really should have just stayed in bed but whatever.

Anyway, so fast forward to today and I was messing about with my dirt bike so missed a fair few races but I figured I would have a dabble. To be honest, I was quite happy with what I did and although I am back trading pennies I am happy. If I do this every day, I am sure I am on the road to being a better trader and hopefully be able to ramp up the stakes a bit and make some better money in time.

It has been tough for me to not trade in play and I am treating it like an addiction and have decided that if I take a trade in play, then I am to do 20 press ups… that should put me off if I do consider going in play.

Anyway, my pregnant wife is due to drop any day now so not sure how that is going to affect my trading, but I am confident still that I can make this work and make some good money at it.

This is what I did today