I have been exceptionally busy the last few months, and even though I am trading fairly often, I have not paid it a great deal of attention.

I love trading “in play” and have always enjoyed this style if trading but as the months have drawn on I have seen that for stress levels and control it is better and more reliable to trade pre-race and that is what I have been focusing on.

The last few weeks I have been fighting the temptation to go “in play”, and it has been hard, and a few times I have gone against my own self, and it has not ended well, but I am doing what I can to avoid it.

The hardest thing is that I make good money when I do go “in play, ” but it’s the unnecessary risk and the stress of it all which is not good and let’s be honest it is a bit of a gamble, and that is what I am avoiding.

So how has the pre-race trading gone?

Well. .. it has not been too bad, to be honest, it took me a little while to get my head back into it and to look for the signals and what not and just really tuning back into the pre-race markets has been quite tough.

I have been trading a year now, and in the year I have learned a lot, and I can safely say that I understand what the markets are doing and how they react. I would not say I am an expert in anyway shape or form but I understand a lot more now, and I seem to be getting on the right side of some great trades.

Scalping is something that I have been practicing, but you know what I think my style of trading is indeed a swing trader as this makes more sense to me and I seem to spot the good moves.

Here are just a few of the trades I have done recently, and you can see that a 17 tick move is pretty good and although I am using small stakes I make some good money.

The problem I have I think is that the stakes are small so they don’t interest me enough to keep me interested, but I don’t want the significant losses, so I am trying to find a right balance.

The other problem I seem to have is that I don’t seem to want to close out of a trade when it has gone against me, and that seems to be where I have my biggest losses. But in the same breath, I am also not closing out as soon as I go in the negative especially when I think the market will turn and more often than not it turns back in my favor and I make some good profits.

I need to get my head back in gear and need to start building my current betting bank back up as I cleared the last one and went on holiday with the profits and have started a new betting bank…

I also had an issue with my Betfair account, and they had to give me a new account which also reset my premium charge back to zero which is well handy, and I also have an idea how I can do this again in the future when the premium charge starts getting big again.

The other thing I am going to do is start looking at different areas of the trading market and try and explain to you what it is they are so that with me doing so it may help me also remember what it is I am talking about

Please leave the comments below, and any words of encouragement and coaching are great. Which leads me onto the haters especially on our YouTube channel. .. I am not bothered what you think, but I will remove any negative comments from the videos as it is not needed and you just make yourself look a dick.