If feels like only yesterday I was talking about 2017, and here I am in 2018 writing this!!

Anyway, 2017 was very good to me with my trading, and I made a lot of money trading in play but for 2018 things are going to be very different.

I won’t be trading in play at all, and I mean not even going to have a gamble I am going to be solely trading the horse racing markets pre off, and I am going to start with a small bank of only £100. Yes, that seems like a small amount, but it is something that I think most people reading this will be able to find.

£100 bank is small, and it will be hard at first to make the trades and get the money in the market as I will only be risking around 10% of my bank with any one trade. But in a no time at all with a bit of luck I should be able to build on it and let’s be honest I want to get into pre race horse trading on the right foot and not be tempted to go big in play again.

My Daily Trading Videos

The other thing I want to talk to you about is my daily trading videos.

I stopped publishing them on youtube because of all the hate comments and let’s be honest I was getting a lot of trolls telling me what I was doing was wrong and let’s be frank here going in play was a touch on the gambling side of trading which I did not want to do.

However I will start publishing my daily trading videos from February, and I will be publishing every single day again, win or lose. However I won’t be updating my profit and loss sheets as that really does not prove anything, and I had a few people say that mine were faked, so very much like Peter Webb, I won’t show these off.

I am excited to get back at trading and especially pre-race I am only really looking at making £100 a day as that is enough to keep me interested but with a small bank that is going to take some doing but hopefully by the time the summer comes around I should be right in the thick of it making some good profits.

I will be using bet angel, and although I have been busy I have had a few offers from other providers to try their software and to be honest I don’t see the point as I know and love bet angel.

Betfair Automation Bots

I will be running some of my bots in the background, but I won’t be building any new bots for 2018 I want to stay totally focused on pre race horse racing and doing it manually. It sounds silly, but I spent a lot of 2017 deep in the automation process where really I should have spent it working in my own style of manual horse race trading. I think I was trying to run before I could even crawl let alone walk.

This journey is still on and Iove everything about trading.

I won’t be spending any more than 3 hours a day trading, and I won’t be messing about I need to stay focused and any more than 3 hours and my brain will be fried.

Stick around for this journey and please do leave your comments and words of encouragement.

I will also be publishing articles on other aspects of gambling and talking about strategies and what not and trying to share some of my wisdom along the way but I am no means an expert in this I just have a long history of making a little bit of profit.

The biggest challenge for me will be not going “in play,” and if I can survive a month not going “in play” then I will be a happy man.

So that is an update on what I have planned, and so by the end of 2018 we should have around 300 trading videos for the year and with a bit of luck will be showing consistent profits.