Now you are probably wondering why as a full-time internet marketer have I tried to turn my hand as a sports trading? Well, to be honest, I have been working online since the internet existed, and as I write this, I am staring literally at the first $10 I ever made online. Yes, it is pinned to my wall!!!

Well frankly and without sounding too crass, my tax bill each year makes me weep and the thought of earning a few grand a month tax-free appeals massively to me and the idea of not needing to an accountant does make me quite happy.

Why Sports Trading?

Well I have been a bit of a gambler in my past, and I was backing horses from the age of 18, and then that escalated, and I lost over £3k in one week using a tipping service and frankly at that point I stopped and walked away from gambling completely. My father is a gambler and actually makes good money overall, and it is something he enjoys doing, so that is great but to be honest I never want to go back down that route of mug punting.

Roll on to 2016 (I think), and I was looking at a way of making some tax free money for a holiday. I join Profit accumulator, and I think I made about £2k in the first couple of weeks of match betting, and that was great, but it soon dried up, and from there I started going on a youtube wobble and found sports trading. More specifically, pre-race horse trading…
Well, I soon got sucked into that, and you can follow my journey on youtube up until a few years ago. I made a lot of money laying horses in play, but the pressures got too big for me, and before I lost it all, I decided to take a step back. It was then at that point that I decided that I wanted not to be sat in my office all afternoon backing and laying horses; instead, I wanted to create a bot to do it for me.

Once I started in automation, I was hooked, watching my Betfair bots going off and making trades and making money while I was out and about was where I wanted to be. The trouble is with bots and youtube is everybody wants to copy your bot or buy your bot or just give you hate so I stopped publishing videos on that youtube channel but still carried one working on my Betfair automation bots.

Well roll on three years, and here I am, and although I do manually trade horses or football now and again, I pretty much just solely work on bots to do it all for me. I currently have 20 bots that make me money day in and day out. How long it will last for I don’t know, but I literally spend every waking hour looking at new sports and trying to find a small edge to expose
I may start doing videos again on my blackhat betting channel just to keep it alive and moving, but I may just not bother.