Better Day Trading Horses On Betfair

As you can see from today I did a lot better than the last time. I did not go in play at all and even with a few trades that went against me I just took the small loss and moved on like it didnt matter. Its a lot harder than you think for me

Going In Play Epic Fail

Learning to trade has been one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do and although I have all the understanding and ability and have proven this I struggle daily with taken open trades in play. Taking a trade in play is one of the worst things you can do and to be

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Better Day Trading The Horses

I was out for the first part of the days trading and so I managed to grab the last hour or so and it started out ok but had a bad loss at first but did not let that get the better of me and carried on. Taking small losses is one of the hardest

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A Good End To 2018

Since my daughter was born I have not had my head in horse trading and frankly I lost my way and became a bit of a gambler and that was not good. However, I have got use to sleepless nights now and I am use to being exhausted and so now I decided to blow

We Are Starting Month 3 of 2018

It has been a shaky start to 2018 to be honest, with all good intentions I wanted to just trade pre-race then I get sucked into trading in play then I get a little burnt, and I stop trading for a few days, and the cycle continues. I have done ok for January and February,

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Daily Trading Update

I have been flat out busy on other projects but in between being a dad and working my arse off I am getting a fair amount of trading in and I am loving it and I am making some good profits. I have made the conscious effort to not trade hours upon hours at a

Wow, what happened to 2017?

If feels like only yesterday I was talking about 2017, and here I am in 2018 writing this!! Anyway, 2017 was very good to me with my trading, and I made a lot of money trading in play but for 2018 things are going to be very different. I won't be trading in play at

The Pre Race Trading Begins Today

Well, it starts again... I had planned on starting on Saturday and to be honest Saturday was an excellent day for Betfair horse racing trading I made some right moves and was doing well. Right up until my pregnant wife decided to throw boiling baked beans about the kitchen and burn her hands. I fly

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Trading Update and the £50K Challenge

I have been exceptionally busy the last few months, and even though I am trading fairly often, I have not paid it a great deal of attention. I love trading "in play" and have always enjoyed this style if trading but as the months have drawn on I have seen that for stress levels and

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