R.I.P. Vanessa Reece

Its a very sad day today. I had a phone call around 3pm from a lady who had to give me some bad news. A fellow marketer and friend had died, Vanessa Reece was someone I met on Friday Night Chat and we got chatting on skype and for the last couple of years we

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Now Web Users Can Put A Stop To Targeted Ads

I was in my local pub on Thursday evening and reading the Daily Mail I came across the below article and I was  unsure on what my feelings were.. The article below was written by Tom Kelly - Daily Mail - Thursday  2nd February 2012 Internet users are to be given the power to stop companies monitoring their browsing and using

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Local Mobile Monopoly Review + BONUS!!!

Hello everybody and welcome to my Review of the Local Mobile Monopoly Course. As many of you know I have been mega excited about the release of Local Mobile Monopoly for a long time now and this is for one reason only. Mobile marketing is HOT!!!! This Local Mobile Monopoly review is going to take

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Is That Good I Bought It Twice

Hello everybody Its been a long time since I have posted but thats due to moving house and getting involved in my local communty etc :-) However I am back now so should be updating as often as I can :-) As some of you may remember I once did a review for Lynn Terry

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Finally Back To Normality…

After spending 5 weeks in south east Asia, mainly Malaysia and then coming back to England to move house and then do a tour of wales in my kit car and then have friends over, all while trying to run my online empire but only by using my HTC its been a tough few months but we are

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