DropBox is a web-based program, but it does also come as a downloadable product. I use it on a windows PC/laptop and also on my Android devices, and I am certain that it is available on other devices like IOS and blackberry. What Dropbox does is syncronizes files in a dedicated folder, and this for me was the key. If you want to sync your whole PC, then DropBox might not be for you. I don’t at the moment have my whole PC synced as I don’t see the need to do it, so I cannot give you any comparisons… yet. Dropbox is an extremely smooth solution, and I have found it to be truly hassle free and a very simple solution to file sharing.

Dropbox is pretty much free and offers you 2Gb of space completely free, and you can earn more storage if you need it by referring people, and you get 500mb per signup via your link, which is very handy, and I think you can have a maximum of 16gb which for most people is more than enough.

There are other packages but for now, I am only using the free service with just referrals, and I was given an extra 48gb when I bought my Samsung Note 10.1 tablet in November last year.

So I have had a DrobBox account for a while now, and I have been using it on and off but never really started using it until a couple of weeks ago. I have to say the way I am using it at the moment is really making my life a whole lot easier. SO I guess you are wondering how I am using it at the moment.

Well, you may or may not know that I own www.plrtitan.com, and I have a team of workers adding content and the graphics and to be honest it’s quite hard to keep on track on what is being added and occasionally things do go very wrong. As you also probably know is that I am always on holiday, and I am not too often in my actual office so sometimes it can be difficult to access the files that my VAs have uploaded.

I was on a stag do in Spain this weekend, and I have a couple of orders drop into my inbox, and the purchasers had a problem with the download links, and so I had to email the plr packages directly to them, and this was made easy because I had dropbox on my mobile phone, and I could very quickly get the orders fulfilled and this always means repeat business…

The best thing is that my virtual assistants can be sending me work, and I can see what they are doing and all the work is available on every sing device… whether it is my tablet, my mobile phone, my laptop or my work pcs. This really has made my life easier, and it has also helped my virtual assitants work together and more efficiently, which means more money in the bank for me and lots of fantastic PLR products being added daily to my PLR Site www.plrtitan.com.

So if you want to get Dropbox then just click one of my links even you can see what is the difference between heroku vs aws, and you can be on your way to getting some free cloud storage.

Danny Cutts