Today I am going to be letting you know who I have been using for content and why I have been so compelled to write about my content creation which also lead me to getting banned from the warrior forum for a week :-)

One of the biggest burdens to anybody that runs websites professionally is the need to find a continuous flow of content and as you may have noticed I am also a little slow in updating this blog, but still none the less I do eventually get it updated, if you choose a professional we recommend revcontent, you will still get your revcontent login to make further changes.

So What Am I Doing For Content?

Well for my affiliate sites it is very much a different matter, these sites are my bread and butter and are what support me throughout the year so I have to be sure that the content I am adding to the sites are of high quality and also answer the questions of the site user/visitor.

For many years been using Odesk and other freelancer sites to find writers and overall the feeling has been pretty bad at the end. The writers tend to burn out and the writing style is somewhat awkward at times and I use to spend more time editing and getting facts right than I did if I was to write the whole article myself from scratch.

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The trouble is that I was paying for these articles and it was costing me a lot of money. I hate wasting money and it soon became clear that I was throwing a lot of money away each week on pretty crappy articles.

So a few months ago I decided to have a search around and see what was available and I soon stumbled across a website that I had used in the past and I also realised I had a $50 of credit in there so I thought i would give it a go :-)

Boy, was I glad that I did!!!

iWriter Review - Danny Cutts has proved to be one of the best sources of content for me and now my clients it is saving me a hell of a lot of money and time as I no longer have to trawl through badly written articles and if by chance one of the articles is not to the standard I require I simply reject it and I don’t have to pay a penny. Now this is the great news, I am no longer paying for low quality articles. is now my main source of quality unique content and I have only had a couple of ropey articles since I started using them and this was purely because my instructions were not up to scratch and so I was not clear on what I wanted.

So How Does Work?

Well you submit your instructions and you select what group of people you want to see the job. I only post to people that have 4 or more stars as this tends to get me the better writers. I also always ask for 700 word articles as this for me seems to be the better value and if needs be I can always split the articles up into smaller ones and add a few bits myself but overall 700 words seems a good number to work to.

How Much Does Cost?

I am currently paying about $7.15 – $7.50 an article and that is for 700 words which for me I think is great value. You get to read the article before you accept it so you know exactly what you are getting before you part with your hard earned cash. Sometimes you have to make tweaks to get it to work with the style of your blog but overall they are normally 99% perfect.

I have now also got into the habit of uploading them to my affiliate sites as soon as they are ready and getting them published and indexed in Google straight away.

Why is so great?

The articles are Copyscape checked before they are even shown to you so you know that they are unique :-)

Its great value for money

You can have an infinite number of writers writing content for you on any topic under the sun. Which means you don’t burn people out but you can if you like favourite certain writers which is good if you find one that knows a certain subject inside out :-)

So in summery I love and I strongly suggest that you head over there and check them out.

As you can see I am very excited by them and this is the reason why I got a weeks ban on The Warrior Forum… but still none the less I thought I should share with you what I thought.

Danny Cutts