Google PandaMatt Cutts has announced last night at SMX that Google will be rolling out another Panda update on Friday. If its not completed friday it will most likely be Monday but either way the update is going to happen.

Are you scared about this panda update?

I can say that I am not as there is very little we can do about it now and the only thing we can do is react to the update. I think we are going to see big changes this time and I am expecting there to be less screwed up rankings unlike the last few updates that were rolled out last year. Google really is wanting to fight the web spam and I have to say it is making things very easy for guys to do negative SEO.

Is this Google Panda update going to change the way I do business?

Probably not…. The reason being is because I am not doing all the normal SEO things I am not spending hours a day building backlinks. I am simply spending my time creating fantastic content and creating content that is engaging and taking the reader by the hand and leading them to the information that they are looking for.

I like the fact that Google is working to clear up web spam and I like the fact they are working towards making the search engine results page a more level playing field but I would also say that there needs to be a better way of doing it.

One thing Matt Cutts did say was that they are going to be clamping down on a few blog networks (well he joked about it) and so that if you participate in a blog network or should be say link network you need to reconsider your strategy. Its going to be very interesting to see how this update pans out and I shall be watching my portfolio of over 200 affiliate sites to see if they take any hits and if they do try and work out why they got a hit.

If you have noticed any changes or movement in your rankings I would be very interested to hear your thoughts…. You can read about what Matt Cutts says from this link.

I am away this weekend in Spain on a stag do so I wont be in a position or no doubt have the concentration to focus on my analytics but hopefully we wont see any bad changes.

Danny Cutts