Taking Things To The Next Level

This has been a pretty hectic week for me, Monday I was back at my uncles garage and doing some building work up stairs ready for his new training centre which needs to be ready very soon. Last week I plastered a few walls upstairs, and plastered the stairwell but a few of the

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What a nightmare of a day today….

I woke up to my phone ringing today it was my uncle and he was telling me that every one of my sites is down.. There was some strong language followed by a lot energy to try and get to my office in time to find out what was going on. I signed on to

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Getting Dengue Fever And Surviving

In September I started a 4 month trip round Asia and hoped to end it by spending the final month in Perth Australia. The trip did not get off to a great start, I had a Mc Donald’s in Dubai before our connection flight to Beijing and I got food poisoning and spent 8 hours

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The first $10 I made online….

This is the exact $10 i made online! Yes this is before ebay took off this is before paypal existed this is when the internet was somewhat a scary place that everybody said would not take off. You all may laugh at me and wonder why I still have the exact $10 that I made

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The HTC HD2 And How It Will Help My Business

This week I got hold of a HTC HD2 smart phone. I have been looking at getting an iPhone for a long time and after extensive research I decided that all though the media reckon the iPhone is the best phone I have realised it is is just possibly the case of the emperors new

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