I have finally done it!! I have furthermore cut my offline business clients right down to just a handful, and I have to say it feels EPIC!!

I know a lot of people online who are working with https://digitalmarketingcornwall.co.uk to increase their client base and take on more clients, and they really seem to enjoy doing it. I personally cannot think of anything worse than taking on more clients. I have spent many evenings and weekends sending emails backwards and forwards to clients who are not exactly happy with what I am doing.

Now, the first thing you are probably going to say is well maybe you should do what they are paying you to do at you work in SearchUp, Yes, it sounds obvious but what if I told you that I ranked their sites for more keywords than you could imagine… what if I told you that the sites ranked not just on the first page but always in the top 3 for those keywords. When I say clients, I have to say I only had one nightmare client but because of them, it just made me bitter to every client I had.

What offline clients don’t realise is that it’s not my job to get them the work, my job is to get them the leads and push potential customers to them for them to close the deals. It got to the point where I was driving so much traffic to one clients site that he couldn’t handle it and more to the point he still could not make money from them. However, he would be complaining that we are targeting the wrong areas, even though we are targeting 3 of the major cities in the area… He could not see that it was his bad salesmanship was the reason why his company was failing.

Whenever I use to see an email from this one client in my inbox my heart use to sink, and I use to put off opening it as it would never be good news. This same client even deleted his Google places account and subsequently had the cheek to question me to see if I had deleted it. The best thing was when he would ask me a question about generic or naked url SEO use and seo company in GA and FL offers seo consulting., and I would answer it, and he would reply with links to forums trying to prove what I was saying was wrong…. It was then that I told him that I was no longer able to continue looking after his site….

What a relief, as soon as this one client was gone, I decided that I should get rid of a few more, and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have made. At the moment, I am a lot more relaxed, and my focus has increased and even on the go kart track my lap times have got quicker, and I am now one of the fastest racers in the area, so I have to say this is a good thing.

So What Am I Doing Now?

Well, as you all know I have made a lot of money in the affiliate industry and in 2009, I was making obscene amounts of cash. A lot of my sites are still very big affiliate earners, but because I wanted a change and decided to hammer the offline market a lot of my sites have suffered considerably, and so I have decided that I really should work on some of my proven affiliate sites and start taking them to the next level with SEO Service Brisbane.

I can promise you that over the coming months, you will be seeing me chatting about affiliate marketing a whole lot more, and of course, I will be helping as much as I can to increase your profits, you can see torontoseogeek.com for a sneek peek.

One thing I will say though is that I have been building a site for over seven years now, and it is finally taking off in a big way. This site is receiving over 70,000 visits a month, and we have been described as a leading authority in the industry. A lot of companies have decided that my site is the site they need in their marketing strategy so as you can imagine I have been busy driving up and down the UK doing presentations and negotiating advertising deals.

I am full steam ahead with my business this year, and 2013 is already proving to be my year :-)

Watch this space as I am set to hit some big goals this year, and I will share everything with you.

Danny Cutts