Google Sets Zoo Animals On Web Masters….

This week there have been many Webmasters, who have had very stressful time, we have had effectively two massive Google updates, which have changed the way the web is handled and evidently Google is trying to filter out what they call web spam.

I have a portfolio of around 200 sites and out of those 200 sites, we took a hit on just four of those sites as far as I can see. Three of the sites were my own, but One of the sites was a client. I will explain why I think my sites took a hit and how I’ve gone about to rectify them and hopefully get them back on the first page.

One site was a simple blog, which had only been filled with PLR and very crappy content, and we also use software to fire links at the site to see how much it would take before Google red flagged it. This site was literally simply a testing ground for my SEO efforts and to see what we can and can’t do so when Google de-indexed it, I was not surprised.

The main affiliate site that got removed, I was a little surprised at it was earning a fair amount of money but had around 60% duplicate content, which was all from the Amazon feeds using a plug-in called Reviewazon, and then I’d written fair few product reviews around the niche. You can see from the image below that we took a fairly big hit on this site, and although it wasn’t getting massive traffic the visits, we did get converted really well.

attack of the panda

My other site was another Reviewazon powered site and those were 100% duplicate content, so I’m not surprised at all that this is de-indexed, I am a little frustrated as it made good money. No matter how good an income it made I’m not even bothered about trying to get it back on the search engine results pages.

The final site that took a hit was a client site, and I think this was the “over optimization penalty” that Google rolled out as we were ranking on the first page for every search term, and we did this within about a month or so of us working on the site. The thing that we think triggered the penalty was that my client had added bulk of content to the bottom of every page listing all the places that he does work in. So this is what I think triggered the Google spam filter. We didn’t get the de-indexed, but we just got dropped five or six pages in search results so all I’ve done is removed this content and hopefully in a few days, maybe a couple of weeks we should be back to where we belong, which is of course the first page.

However, from looking at my analytics and checking my stats using SeeUrank. I can see that a lot of my sites have moved up the search engine results page, so I’m hoping this continues and our sites boost up and of course that will then bring in more revenue for us.

However, who can ever be so sure Google is planning next. I hope you like the video it goes on a bit, but it does explain a little about my thoughts my feelings about everything. I’ll be creating a video every day for the next week or so, just to keep you updated and basically get means the use of filming videos again as I’ve definitely let this slip.