Ditched...This week I got very frustrated with Facebook. I’ve missed quite a few updates from friends and family recently, and this is because my personal Facebook account is full of my online friends and associates and other marketers that I just generally follow, and well, I decided to make a rash decision, and this is why I created a Facebook fan page for myself.

This is hopefully going to mean that I will be able to remove all those people I don’t really interact with from my own Facebook account, although they can follow me on my fan page. However, if you are a marketer and a chat you often, and I class you as a friend, then don’t worry you’ll still be on my personal friends list.

Today, mainly I’ve been playing around with the Facebook timeline and adding events into it, which has helped or not helped my progress as an online marketer. One of the main events that happened in my life is when I caught dinky fever and so this was the first thing I did my time on.

If you want to see my Facebook fan page, please go to.


Once you get to this page. Please can you hit the like button.

The other thing I’ve done is add a neat little plug-in to the bottom of my site, which is the subscriber form where you can subscribe to my weekly updates and marketing tips. I saw this opt-in being used on another blog, and I loved it. It’s so effective yet very unobtrusive, and so I’m hoping that I get more subscribers to my newsletter and of course reach out to a lot more people.

I’ve also added the keyword love plug-in to the site. So whenever you comment on a blog post, you can add keywords to it.

You may notice that my writing style has changed, this is because I’ve started using a program called White Smoke, which is pretty much a grammar checker but on steroids, it goes through any written text and tells you ways of improving it and to make it grammatically correct. It is amazing how many wrong words I use when typing.

You can probably also tell, I am using Dragon Naturally Speaking while I write this, so combined White Smoke, I’m actually now article creating King. Staying on the subject of content creation, I would be really interested in your feedback on a new site I launched, which is www.plrtitan.com.

PLR Titan is the site that was started with the guidance of a good friend who recently passed away, and that is Vanessa Reece. Vanessa had a fantastic PLR site, and I was really keen to jump on the same bandwagon as I’m always having content created for many of my niches that I work in. So once I’ve used it, I add the packages to PLR Titan.
However, since Vanessa died, I’ve not touched it and to be honest I was very disheartened even looking at the site, I decided that Vanessa would want me to carry on building the site and taking on some of the big guns in the PLR industry. SO I have been frantically adding plr article packages to the site.

That’s all my news really this week….