I spent a full year of my life working on a property that we bought in a tiny little seaside village on the south coast of England. We use to barent this property many moons ago, and so when we were living there, we knew exactly what we would do if we bought it and well the opportunity came up to do just that, and a deal was done, we started looking for the best Home Designs for our new project.


The property is a flat (apartment) in a building primarily for ancient people but that did not bother us at all, and I decided that because I work from home I needed my own office space and so it was agreed that we would convert the loft space into an office and also add an extra bathroom.


Doing a loft conversion is a big project for anybody and lucky for us we had somewhere else to live in the meantime and I decided that this was a project that I wanted to tackle on my own and not get much outside help in. I am a plasterer by trade, so I had a good idea on what I was doing, but nothing can set you up for a project of this size.


We ended up ripping everything out and taking all the ceilings down and all the electrics and plumbing back to the board and stop cock which was daunting and the pressure was on to get this project moving.


There were lots of challenges along the way, and a lot of them were mental challenges and even though I was mentally and physically drained I had to keep going, and no matter what happened we needed to get this property finished because the pressures of living in two places was a massive strain on any bank balance.


We now live in a beautiful 4 Bedroom Flat with 2 Bathrooms, with amazing Oak Bathroom Furniture and massive loft room with sea views and not only that we doubled the value of the property and even though I pretty much took a year off from working (bar all my residual profits) we still made over £165K which is not a bad years money.


The same year as doing the flat renovation I also married my lovely wife, Jane. We have now been together 14 years.



We have traveled the world together and been through some really rough times with my health because I have been very sick although I found the best health tips from tophealthjournal and financially but we are winning at life and are working exceptionally hard to carry on building an awesome life for each other and improve our health together training with an amazon balance disc, after all Jane is my best friend.

I have also launched some other projects over the last few years, and each one of them is individual and uses some different strategies to be as successful, and I have relentlessly been promoting and getting content for them.

As I write this, I’m getting things ready for a week in Milan for an event that I am covering, and I am going to show you how I get to go to all the best events and not pay an entrance fee and get treated like a king when you are there.

I have so much to share with you guys that I really don’t know where to start and I mean that there are so many great ways to make money online it is going to be hard for me to keep abreast of all of the ideas that I have.

Right lets get cracking, and let’s get this show on the road