This may seem like a stupid question but I get asked it a lot, and I am not just talking about once or twice a week but half a dozen times a week and it is getting tiring to continuously answer so I figured this would be a good place to direct that question.

What Is WordPress

What Is WordPress?

WordPress started as a simple blogging platform before blogging was a thing and it has evolved into a fully functioning content management software or as it is known as a “CMS”.

WordPress started in 2003, and since then it has grown so big that I am not even going to give you a number because I won’t be anywhere near so just think of a number and times it by a billion, and you might be somewhere near.

WordPress is built using PHP and MySQL and let us be honest if you are asking what is WordPress then its probably way-way-way over your head when I talk about PHP and MySQL, so that is about as technical as I am going to get as to be honest that is the boring bit.

Let us take a better look at What is WordPress…

WordPress is the most easiest and simplest and most powerful blogging platform that I have ever seen, and I have tried a number of CMS and blogging platforms in the past.

Where is WordPress used?

The easiest way to answer that question is to basically say that it is pretty much used everywhere, almost every other site you visit online will be a WordPress site, and I can safely say that every blog or local business website will be built using WordPress. Don’t think that WordPress is a cheap way of building a website and many massive companies use WordPress and sites like Techcrunch and CNN also use WordPress.

Just have a look at some of the sites that use WordPress you will be very surprised for sure.

WordPress Saved My Business

OK, I have been working online a long time, and I mean 1999 is about when I really got stuck into blogging and making a living online… yep a long fricken time ago and if WordPress was there right from the start I would be a lot richer now than I am.

I would have to design my website then every single damn page had to be hand coded and lets be honest even with the best will in the world it is never going to be perfect, unless you hire the team. Adding content was a bitch and adding pictures was a headache, and God forbid if you wanted a side bar with something in it as that was just a miracle if you got it somewhere how you wanted.

My graphic skills are as bad as my writing skills and let us not forget I am terrible at writing… not bad for a blogger :D Anyway when WordPress came along I embraced it and I was shocked and mesmerised at how easy it was to use and soon enough my websites started to look professional and also they were consistent.

If WordPress had not come along, I don’t know where I would be right now I know for a fact I won’t have the lifestyle I have now, and I also know that I would not be sat here on the beach writing about it.

As soon as WordPress started to take the world by storm, it meant that we as entrepreneurs and bloggers could start writing and being creative rather than trying to get stuff to look right and it was an awesome time in history.

What is WordPress to Local Businesses?

WordPress is an easy way to have a website that can look super professional and not only that even the most techno phobic people can learn how to upload content and use their website. For local business digital marketing of wordpress site go through this.

Local businesses now do not need massive budgets to build great websites, and that is because WordPress makes it all so easy and if money is really tight you could find a cheap company abroad to make you something.

In the old days, you could tell whether a company was the real deal by the way their website looked now it is very hard to see because there is no excuse for a bad looking WordPress site.

The functions that WordPress can do is endless and if you anything doing on a WordPress site then there is no doubt a plugin that can achieve it and if there is not one already made then you can quickly find someone to make one.

So that is in a nutshell what is WordPress I hope yu have enjoyed reading.