Finding A Virtual Assistant

Well the last few weeks I have been feeling the strain of owning a lot of domains and quite simply I am fed up of working all day maintaining them and not actually building my empire. I use to outsource a lot of work to a Filipino and it was good and now that site

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My plan for a 4 hour work week…

I have been reading The 4 Hour Work Week By Tim ferris the last couple of weeks and seeing as my productivity has dropped since I have had dengue fever I have decided that its time I slowed down some what. However, doing less work for me is not about making less money, in fact

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Is That Good I Bought It Twice

Hello everybody Its been a long time since I have posted but thats due to moving house and getting involved in my local communty etc :-) However I am back now so should be updating as often as I can :-) As some of you may remember I once did a review for Lynn Terry

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Clearing out and deleting…

This week has been a manic week, Sunday I spent the day at my dads because he turned 60 and due to lots of reasons we could not catch up until Sunday. Had a nice home cooked dinner and opened presents which was quite nice :-) Then Monday came round and this is the day

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The Kindle – New Themes – SEO…

Well this week has been a bit of mad one... not that is any different from any other week but this week for me has meant I have spent a lot of cash on things and well I have to say I am quite pleased with what I have bought this week. What have my

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Demographic Marketing

Well today I have been thinking a lot about demographic marketing and I have to say that I don’t really do it enough and so much so I have to change the way I do things online because I think with this titbit of information I can really increase the income generated from my already

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Plastering? Me…?

Hello everybody, well this week has been a bit of an odd week really, I actually started this week off by doing a bit of building work for my uncle, not website building, but actual manual labour in the sense that I had to blow the dust off my plastering tools find them all and

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