Making Money and my first jobMy first actual ‘JOB’ where I got a wage slip was working in a local restaurant pot washing. I really enjoyed it and the money was good in fact at 13 years old £4 an hour was good and I could work a lot of shifts.

I soon found that I was tired all the time because I wanted more money so I would work more hours it sounds simple really but when your school work starts lagging and your asleep in class more than your awake things need to change.

The school phoned my parents telling them I was sleeping and that it was not acceptable for me to be working all the hours god sends they said that although they understand I am a very determined person and it would be difficult to stop me.

I was there till I was 18 years old on and off, I started what I thought was the career I wanted to be in, I saw the owner of the restaurant as a role model he drove the cars I liked he rarely did a days work and he always smiled.

Not many people like the owner but we clicked he liked my ideas and he could tell I idolised him and his wife. Being very young at the time I though that catering was all fancy and the best industry. Things soon started to change I worked my way up through the ranks working all hours god sends and still never really having any money to speak of.

All my friends were going to university while I was busting my balls in a kitchen never really enjoying my youth. I went back to college and finished my a levels and made some cracking friends and it was here I had a real passion for making money and owning my own business was definitely something that I wanted to do.

Time soon moved on and I was still in the catering industry now I was out of the kitchen and working the floor as a waiter I could earn £100 in cash tips a day and even then I didn’t realise that that was a good wage… I wanted more and more I was earning £40k a year carrying plates for a living….

Danny Cutts