Article WritingI started article marketing a few months ago, I am a little slow however on the uptake when it came to article marketing because I hate writing. However after a week of writing articles I soon discovered that it was a great way to get traffic to a website and this then obviously leads to making extra money so suddenly writing became something I did not hate any more.

The website that It was promoting was This site is using Drupal with PHP BAY to pull in listings from eBay and displaying them on my site. I have been promoting this site using pretty much only article marketing and it is seeing great profits and brilliant, in fact exceptional search engine placement. I can only put this down to my article marketing efforts.

The trouble with article marketing is that you have to write articles, this may sound silly but it’s true and this is what puts people off. However writing articles is a great way for a Newbie to get into Internet marketing without a great deal of money. As we all know most people have either word or notepad on their laptops or PCs so there is no other outlay other than a domain name and hosting and even then with article marketing you don’t need to have a website.

I find that once I have done my market research i.e. keyword research then all I do is write that keyword at the top of the Word document and then find sentences that make a good headline to fit that keyword. The headline of any article is probably one of the most important things of an article this is what gets people to click.

Once you have your headline sorted out then it is very easy just to write especially if you know of topics about anyway. However sometimes you may be writing about the topic you do not know anything about so this time you need to do some research. When we had over to and type my keyword phrase into the search bar and see what other articles being written about my subject, I will then read a couple of the articles I have some understanding of what the topic is about and then go back to my Word document and write a 350 word article based around that keyword.

350 words is not that long and normally only takes about 20 minutes to do which to be honest it’s not a massive amount of time considering that the article will generate traffic continuously from long-time.

With article writing you need to continuously be writing to see great results I have been writing around 170 articles a month and this has increased my income quite considerably. I also outsource a lot of my article writing to other people as some of the subjects to me a very boring and I am just not very productive.

I am by no means an article writing expert I can only go on my own personal experience however the results I’m getting I think any newbie would be happy of.