PLR Titan Screen Shot

OK so my site has been growing for a long time, and I have to say that recently it really has exploded into a fantastic little cash machine. However, before I continue with this, I would like to say that my PLR site would not exist if it was not for the late Vanessa Reece.

Myself and Vanessa were online friends who chatted every single day, and we use to challenge each other to little competitions like ClickBank sales comps and who can rank the fastest for certain keywords. It was all harmless fun but a great way to motivate each other. The best thing is we both use to help each other to get the results.

Vanessa told me that she was making a very nice tidy little income from selling private label rights articles off her website but Vanessa was a fantastic writer, and so I was not surprised by this, she started to show me some figures, and I was like wow…

We are not talking massive money, but it was a very tidy second income, and it did start to make me think. Well, after lots of research I soon discovered that there were few good plr super stores out there that target a multitude of niches but the websites where pretty terrible and extremely dated.

This Is When PLR Titan Was Born

Vanessa tragically died suddenly in february 2012, and I was left with a massive gaping hole, and I decided not to continue developing the plr site, and I have to say I was very close to imploding, and if it wasn’t for select few friends and family who managed to snap me out of my low, I would probably be bankrupt now.

So taking the bull by the horns I decided to jump straight in and knowing that Vanessa was egging me on from above, I started to build PLR Titan, and I did not stop until I had something to be proud of or more to the point started making money.

That was back in 2012 and now at the tail end of 2013. How is the site doing now? Well let’s just say that I am making some fairly big sales every day and at weekends that tend to increase somewhat. I still regard it as a second income as it doesn’t replace my main income stream (yet). However, for someone starting out in internet marketing, it is probably going to be life-changing amounts of money.

Furthermore, I have not done any search engine optimization what so ever. PLR titan has not had any links built to it by me for SEO. All you will find is links created in forums and what not where I have been recommending the plr store. There also links there that I have not built myself, but I cannot help them as they are natural in every sense of the word.

So How did I do it?

So let’s look at my business model first.

So my model is that of Tesco’s, and that is to stack it high and sell it cheap. I have an absolute mammoth collection of PLR content all with the right rights to sell them on, and they were just collecting cyber dust on a hard drive, and well; I also had no way of organising them easily. So this was my model and to be fair I didn’t do any market research or even any keyword research. I was quite literally going in blind and just going to wing it.

Am I embarrassed to say that I was going in blind and “chancing” it? Nope not at all I could tell you that I planned it out 100%, and it has all gone to plan, but I am trying to be as honest as I can be, and I really want you to understand what I am doing?

So over the next few weeks I am going to show you step by step what I have done to make my plr store to be what it is today. If you take a look below you will see what we are going to cover in the coming weeks.

  • What I am using as a CMS
  • What Plugins I am using and the settings.
  • What I have done to optimise the site.
  • Where I have been promoting the site.
  • Where to get content from
  • What to do to increase sales and conversions
  • How to out source the whole process
  • How to take your plr store to the next level.

So fingers crossed you are as excited as I am to learn about this method, and you can watch me as I take you by the hand and hopefully give you a head start in building your plr store empire.