2017 was Great But I need 2018 to be way-way better

Well it's the first month of 2018, and it is at this point I need to take a look back at what happened in 2017, and I have to say it has been a massive year for my family and me. I have been pushing some projects pretty hard and let others bumble along, and

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Lets Take A Look Back At What I have Been Doing

I spent a full year of my life working on a property that we bought in a tiny little seaside village on the south coast of England. We use to barent this property many moons ago, and so when we were living there, we knew exactly what we would do if we bought it and

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RIP… eBay Partner Network – It Has Been Profitable…

I have been a huge eBay affiliate for a long time now, and I have made some massive pay days in the past but when their quality click pricing came in 2009, it was a massive hit to my earnings and after that, my commissions tumbled. Well, I managed to recover the sites and started

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OK so my site www.plrtitan.com has been growing for a long time, and I have to say that recently it really has exploded into a fantastic little cash machine. However, before I continue with this, I would like to say that my PLR site would not exist if it was not for the late Vanessa

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My Powerful WordPress Plugins

It has been exceptionally busy over the last few months as ever, and as always, I seem to start my blog posts like this, and I suppose it's not a bad thing as if I had a lot of time to write posts it will mean that I wasn't busy and more to the point

My First JOB

My first actual 'JOB' where I got a wage slip was working in a local restaurant pot washing. I really enjoyed it and the money was good in fact at 13 years old £4 an hour was good and I could work a lot of shifts. I soon found that I was tired all the

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My first experiences of article marketing

I started article marketing a few months ago, I am a little slow however on the uptake when it came to article marketing because I hate writing. However after a week of writing articles I soon discovered that it was a great way to get traffic to a website and this then obviously leads to

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