The Patent Success Racing System

The patent success racing system is guaranteed to produce some sort of return on your money almost every time.  Ok I will admit that sometimes the returns are less than the stake money, but at other times your returns on a basic £14 bet will be well into three figures which do make me open

Fun Bets – The Bets The Bookies Love!!!

The bookies love the bets they take each morning before the horse racing begins, the Heinz and the Yankees are the bets that we as mug punters push over the counter in search of big returns. The bookies love these types of bets because they get to keep about 36% of all the money that

Total Goals Is The Football Bet That Scores

I am returning from gambling after many years away, and a lot has changed now, but it is much better then it was many many moons ago. I could walk into a bookies, place a few bets and leave and reality was that I would not get banned etc. However over the years as the

Lucky Double Correct Score Football Betting System

This is an old system I saw years ago but its a system my father uses with pretty good success. What you do is you find five football matches which you think will result in close home wins. Only two of these need a result as predicted to generate a good profit for you and

Horse Racing Profits The Simple Things In Life…

The Mini Midas Method Here is a neat little system which I have used in the past to generate some pretty good daily profits. You need to identify the four smallest non-handicap races of the day (meaning those handicaps with the fewest runners) and arrange them in time order. Your selection is the favourite in

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The Nine Line System For Fixed Odds Football Betting

There has been a lot of chatter about this betting system in the past, and I thought I would share it here for you guys to read and maybe profit from in the future. This football betting system involves in betting on four games, covering each one for three possible outcomes. At least one winning

Craps Has Good Odds and Bad…

Playing craps gives the player one of the best chances to win in a casino but only if the player sticks to the best bets offered. But if craps is a haven for the player that knows what they are doing it is also a massive trap for those that don't know what they are

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Up and Running Profits

If there's one area of betting which can indeed be called a goldmine for the backer and it something called "betting in running." That's when the bookmakers bet on a game as it's being played. It may be football, tennis, rugby, or any are one of a dozen other sports, and alter their prices with

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