The bookies love the bets they take each morning before the horse racing begins, the Heinz and the Yankees are the bets that we as mug punters push over the counter in search of big returns. The bookies love these types of bets because they get to keep about 36% of all the money that we stake (cant remember where I found this data).

The Yankee Bet

The 36% is a massive profit margin when you consider that a bookie may only make about 7% on a tennis match, or even less. SO the Yankee and the Heinz bets are looked at as some sort of heaven for the bookies. Lets take a look a look at the Yankee bet and also the Heinz and then you can decide if these bets are for you or not. My father loves placing Yankee bets and does quite well from it but from my research this is hardly ever the case.

About the Heinz Bet

The Heinz bet was named after the 57 varieties of the Heinz company slogan. The Heinz bet covers six selections in 57 bets, and is an even more popular with the bookies than the yankee. WIthout going through the whole sad story, let me just tell you that if one selection loses, you have lost about 54% of your bet immediately and I think that is enough said on that matter.

The Heinz 57 bet wager is a full cover bet that combines every permutation of the 6 selections into a single wager. Each selection has the same effect on returns so the order in which they are added to the slip is inconsequential.

The Yankee Bet

My father is always doing Yankees but we all know he is a mug punter and lets be fair I think he actually does ok with them so what is a the Yankee bet? The Yankee is a 4 selection bet consisting of 11 bets, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four fold accumulator.

Two or more winning choices guarantees a return from this bet.