This is an old system I saw years ago but its a system my father uses with pretty good success. What you do is you find five football matches which you think will result in close home wins. Only two of these need a result as predicted to generate a good profit for you and if three or more come in you can look forward to a nice three figure reward based on a £10 stake.

The Odds about a 1-0 result (statistically the most common score in football) are typically around 7/1 so if two matches end with this scoreline you will receive a return of £64 (£1 at 7/1 returns £8, that £8 invested at 7/1 returns £64). If three games end as 1-0 home wind you will have three winning doubles, giving you a return of £192. If four come up, your winnings will be £384, while if all five do the business you will be £640 richer which would be awesome.