Post to Facebook From WordPressI recently did a YouTube tutorial on how to get WordPress to post directly to your Facebook page. This is being quite busy and popular video on YouTube and or that reason I decided that it was probably a good idea to do a quick post on how to do it and explain the reason why I like to automatically post from WordPress to Facebook which then in turn posts to twitter.

One of the important things about blogging is ensuring that you get the right exposure across the social networks and to be honest if you are like me and running a whole network of sites, and you are adding posts every day to your blogs, then the simple task of posting links to your Facebook fan pages can be a task that you could do easily, but of course, you could also Hire a Facebook marketing company.

I am an affiliate marketer, and I have a lot of blogs and website’s in different niches targeting lots of different people around the world, and I’m adding new content every day of the week. Some of the sites I may be adding a whole year of content to them, which will then be drip fed, and if I was to have to go back every day and share the links to the relevent Facebook pages it would be nearly a full-time task to just do this.

So this method I’m using is highlighted below in a very quick YouTube video, and I’m sure that you will be happy about the results. One of the other bonuses of having WordPress post links directly to your Facebook page is that Facebook will then send a link to the relevant twitter account as well This for me is one of the most powerful strategies for my affiliate marketing sites and wordpress hosting as I’m ticking the boxes of social media as well There are a few social networks left out, but then I’ll come to those in the future.

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