Passion Is BusinessWhen I started my online business some 10 years ago I had passion and determination. This has stuck with me right from day one and to this very day I get excited every time I get up. I rush over to my laptop check my stats my earnings then I tend to have a big smile on my face. This is the way I like to wake up every morning.

I am travelling the world at the moment and I am often in a camp kitchen or a hotel lobby working on my laptop and people ask what I do I don’t go into much detail and yet they seem to think I can teach them in 10 minutes flat over a bowl of noodles and a VB… I don’t think so!

You see the only passion they have is to make money and yet that will soon disappear when they start to realise they need to install drupal or get an API script to work worth it. You need more than just a passion for money to succeed on the internet you need the desire to change your life.

At present I am sat by the pool in Darwin clacking away on my laptop I will occasionally go for a swim then dry off have a beer then do a little more work if you can call it that. This is what I desire and have worked towards and now I am doing it. Money does not make you happier but it opens doors. The internet opens these doors for me and I have worked hard to get through them.

What a new person to internet marketing needs to understand that it’s not a quick way to make your millions and it’s not an easy way to make millions but it’s a route that can be accessed more easily and only takes time and passion.

I treat my online business with professionalism and strive to ensure that my reputation is held intact at all times. You see everything you do online can be traced and something you say today could come back to haunt you.

When you go to work you normally have to do 9 – 5 and to be honest it doesn’t tend to matter what you achieve you will still get paid. With internet marketing if you don’t do any work you will not move forward. You see when I said move forward it doesn’t mean you wont get paid hell there are sites I built 5 years ago that I still see a return on but you still need to keep working and building to get you nearer that goal.

I try and work my business around what I want to do and being an online business it’s not that hard to do however the difference between me and a random person on the street is that I will burn the midnight oil for weeks on end till I start getting results. I never give up on something I work till its complete and then I move on to the next thing you see I have passion I am determined to ensure that my life is lived to the max.

I have watched my parents bust their balls to earn a measly wage and my dad would work long hours just so he would keep his job!! This is not the way to go it’s a bad idea and I hated it. When I was younger I suggested to my dad that we started something together he laughed and said it would never work…. 8 years on he is struggling to hold his job down and to pay the mortgage and I am off travelling the world.

You see right from the start I had passion and the desire to win I set out plans and had a clear idea in the direction I wanted to travel and because I knew where I want to go I could map it out. Don’t get me wrong I had a few tough years and barely was able to eat let alone invest anything but I stuck with it and now am reaping what I sow!

You need passion and the desire to win to make it without that you will fail!