WP TwinHello and I am sorry to blog on Boxing day But I have to say that WP Twin is Awesome!!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed the present giving and all the food Yummy!!!

I had not planned to update the blog till the new year but I found this WP Twin software that quite simply is saving me an absolute rake load of time which is absolutely fantastic. I will go into a bit of detail about why I decided I needed this little bit of software.

OK so as you have probably established by now that I build a lot of sites and I am mainly targeting Amazon and eBay… well this is what I spend most of my time working on. I have now refined the building and template design of these sites to a point I know exactly how they should look and what works best and were I should have the adsense ads etc to gain the best click through rate and ultimately make the most amount money from each site.

WP Twin means I can now clone all the settings and just leaves adding content to me

When I find a niche which normally only takes about 20 mins and then 10 mins for the market research using Market Samurai then another 10 mins buying a keyword rich domain name I am just about ready to install wordpress and get building.

Installing wordpress as the basic install takes only a few seconds but adding all the themes and making the changes and adding all the plugins and setting is what takes me the longest to day and quite simply it gets quite boring and then it starts to take a lot longer!

I was in internet marketing chat room the other night discussing internet marketing with fellow marketers and they told me about WP Twin which will clone any wordpress site in literally a few seconds.. I was so shocked that I had to try it out … Oh boy was I impressed!

I found a video of WP Twin in action so you can watch that below. (This is not one of my videos I am just using one I found on you tube)

I have a site that has over 3000 pages and 3000 products all from Amazon and eBay and the template is customised and all the settings throughout the blog would take literally 2 hours to copy and even then I doubt I would get it exact.

I installed WP Twin and literally a minute later I had an exact copy of the original site on my new domain with all settings as they should be…

Can you see how powerful WP Twin is?

I can now literally make a new Amazon store in less than an hour and that means in theory of building 1 new site a day I can comfortably build one every 2 hours and that is not even busting my balls.

I am not one for spending money on software, I like using the bare essentials and making do with what I have (yes I am tight) but WP Twin is the best thing since sliced bread. I have already built 2 Amazon shops today and I have a lot planned to build over the next few days. I have around 100 domains now that need amazon and ebay shops putting on and WP Twin is going to make the daunting task now seem like child’s play.

OK so you have now seen how WP Twin can help me with affiliate marketing but how else can WP Twin help you?

Well it can make instant back ups of your sites that only take a few seconds

The other thing I like about WP Twin

So imagine you are contracted by a small company to build them a new site and you want to do it in a way that their existing site is not down for any longer than it needs to be. Normally you would take the old site down and make a maintenance page then quickly build a site and get it uploaded then spend the next couple of days getting the site as it should be.

But imagine this…

What if you could build the site on another domain or in a separate folder and when you have it exactly as you want it you can just clone the new site and take down the old site an literally in less than a minute you can have the brand new site uploaded and running before anybody has realised it was gone.

I am planning on doing this next week and I think its going to work a treat… no need to have 2 windows open copying all the settings and trying to get everything exactly as you wanted it on the demo site just use Wptwin and you are laughing!!

I have to say I am amazed as how powerful this simple script is to use and at how much time its going to save me and also how much money I can now potentially make.

Danny Cutts