Being able to work from home has opened up many doors for me and has enabled me to pursue a lot of different activities.

The best thing about working from homes is that I have no boss not one at all. Which means I can do whatever I please and when I please, however there is a downside to not having someone giving you a push in the right direction and that is the fact that you don’t always get things done.

All my friends have normal 9 to 5 jobs which is great for them as their money is guaranteed to a point month in month out but you see they don’t really have any freedom like I do. I can get blinding drunk on a Monday night if the mood takes me but they will have to be up early to go to work.

Booking a holiday for me is a doddle as I can take advantage of all the deals that happen mid week while my friends have to get permission from their boss for the time off which really does restrict the offer that you can take up. I f I don’t feel like doing any work I don’t have to I can just go fishing or go for a surf there is nothing stopping me.

Working at home does have its disadvantages and that is if I don’t work I tend not to get paid although residual money is good but you can never rely on it too much. If an affiliate network drops me or my sites it can mean I have to burn the midnight oil to get back on track again.

Working from home has enabled me to do a lot of things like travel the world, all I need is an internet connection and my laptop and I can make money. I am currently writing this post while sat next to the swimming pool.

You see I may not always earn as much as some of my friends but I have a better quality of life and a I am living the dream that a lot of people will never get the joy of experiencing.

Working from home is the best decision I made and it goes without saying that I have not got any regrets.


Danny Cutts