From an early age I have liked making money and I have showed determination to achieve.

I just needed to make extra money, I was fed up with actually working for a living fed up with getting up early being bossed around it did my head in.

I discovered Bill Myers when I was about 16 I read it and watched the videos so many times I had some great ideas but my computer skills lacked the degree of skill to make a physical product and I just couldn’t afford to post 1000 sales letters.

I then started reading eBooks and started to see people making some serious money and there sites were simple and effective. So I found a nice fruit machines eBook that just needed re writing and made prettier. I did it in word and managed to get a copy of adobe acrobat to convert it to PDF format I was chuffed I had made my first product.

The next hurdle I had to over come was the fact I had no idea about web design nothing and the next stage was for the important bit actually selling the product. So after a lot of research I cobbled together a very simple website all hand coded in notepad and I used a free hosting and domain name, jesus it was rubbish!

I then started going to forums and talking about gambling and well started pushing my product I sold a lot. I can still remember to this day my first sale the excitement the thrill it was just an absolute adrenlin rush. There was one night that I sold 5 or so of them I thought I was going to retire within a few weeks.

I started making a good steady residual income from one site this is when I started to realise what worked.

I was building a kit car at the time and I needed some information and due to the kit car I was building there was just no information so I started a forum up and well the manufacturer of the kit car started to tell people about it and well it grew from there.

The manufacturer gave me the rights to redesign the build manual an sell it and I could keep the profits…. perfect!! So now I had a website and a forum with a good stream of traffic! I kept building and writing and building and now my site is a leading website in the buggy industry and we have gone from just a little owners club to now a big owners club with club stands and great website where I have advertisers paying me each month and manuals being sold.

Thats why I started a business online