dreams and fantasiesDreams and Fantasies

I am a big dreamer I have always been a dreamer. When I was at school I would always be staring out of the window dreaming about money normally and what I would buy! You see even from a young age I have loved money my life has been ruled by having money it’s a strange thing but I just don’t know why!

I have recently been thinking about what the differences is between having a dream and having a fantasy. Now some people will instantly think they are same thing however I really don’t think they are. We all dream and we day dream about things but they are not our dreams. I may be getting a little confusing now so I will give you an example.

I have a fantasy of winning the lottery and I now that I am not the only one yet I never buy a lottery tickets so how am I going to win the lottery without actively trying to achieve that! You see winning the lottery to me is a fantasy its just never going to happen. However if I started doing the lottery and then that fantasy now becomes a dream because I am now doing something that will actually help me get to that dream. Do you see where I am coming from now?

When I was at school we had to write down what we wanted to do my friends wrote things like army, plumber banker some of the girls wrote marry a rich man (which is kinder funny) I wrote down and I quote “I WANT TO BE THE BOSS” now this was seen to the teacher at the time as being offensive and disruptive to the class I am not sure how so but apparently it was and I got a detention for it.

That was my dream when I was at school the teacher did not know how to handle that and give me the advice I needed so I got detention those members of the class that wrote things down like plumber or carpenter were introduced to the apprenticeship scheme and those who wanted to join the army were shown how to apply ect but for me what did I get? Detention!!

Anyway back on the topic. So having a dream is something that you actively work towards and a fantasy is something that you don’t work towards. My dream when I was younger was to be the boss I just needed to figure out in what area which to be honest if the teachers realised this maybe they could have pushed me towards an entrepreneurship degree or similar but no.

You see dreams back then are a still vivid now to me I knew exactly what I wanted in life nothing more nothing less these were my dreams they were not fantasies as a lot of people thought this is what I was going to achieve!