After yesterday I decided to see if I could stretch profits of my betfair horse racing automation bot a bit more and I decided to bin of the offset bet and have it as just a lay bet and to be honest it went well for a bit but not having that offset opened me up to a lot more losers so when I returned to my desk at about 18:00 I decided to go back to yesterday’s bot and also fire it on the greyhounds as well to see what the results will be like.

I am only dabbling here and messing about with small stakes as you never know how these things can go and to be honest I an quite confident. It has a lot of potential but as ever it is still early days but because the liabilities are quite low and the gains are quite high if I get a loser it will only wipe out 4 or 5 races of profits and not weeks worth so it could actually work quite well.

Its hard to not get too excited when I create these betfair automation bots but it is the perfect way to trade if you can get it right… I will one day have the perfect bot that I can put big stakes through and finally retire from my other business

Greyhound Bot Results £2.51

Horse Racing Bot Results £1.58

I was about £6 up but the liquidity on the last few dog races was shite and it bit me a few times so I have added a criteria to the Bot now to ignore those races.