That Is The End of That Then

After yesterdays losses i thought that my automation bot was going to die but I was deep down hoping it was a glitch. Well today was not any better, in fact it was worse. I can honestly say I am a little confused and lost as to why but I can say that this bot

100% Strike Rate Betfair Horse Automation

After the last fewbdays of my Betfair horse racing automation bot going rogue I made a few tweaks and have set it to only offset the lay bet by 3 ticks. Reducing the tick offset it reduces your  profit but increases your strike rate and i was expecting a little loss today but i was

Another day of losses

Well it is another day of losses 1 too many horses came in to win which made me a losing day... I am starting to think that this current Betfair bot is not going pass the test of time... £3.09 down on the day but I am not sure What else to do.... I could

Back to the Horses Automation

my betfair horse automation bot yesterday was quite profitable for the horses and was tragic for the greyhounds so today I binned off the dog side of the bot and decided to carry on with the horse automation. Well it has been good and bad all day and then I decided to have a look

Savage Losses On The Greyhounds

Well today I was hopeful that the greyhounds was going to be producing me some good profits but alas it was not to be. I was a little concerned this morning when the first few races where losses and it continued through the day. At the end of the day I was £29.43 down on

Greyhound Bot Did Well

Today i spent the day on my motorcycle travelling up the motorway to my home town and so I left my Betfair greyhound bot to do its thing and also the horses Betfair bot to do its thing also. As you can see the greyhound automation bot did really well today but still losing a

Still Profit But Sketchy

Well I set the betfair automation Bot off on both the greyhounds and also the horses today I left it alone to do its thing and generally hopefully be in profit at the end of the day. The greyhound automation bot is literally a gambling bot but I am banking on it being in my

Well that went wrong

After yesterday I decided to see if I could stretch profits of my betfair horse racing automation bot a bit more and I decided to bin of the offset bet and have it as just a lay bet and to be honest it went well for a bit but not having that offset opened me

Still Profitable

I tweaked the betfair automation bot from yesterday and set it to offset the bet by 10 ticks and to keep that at in play. I think I might be leaving money on the table though as I think I should not be greening up and leave the lays to just run their course. This

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