Another day another loss….

That is pretty much the only way I can sum up today’s Betfair trading; it is really getting on my tits now. The first three races I stole some profits and then I won a further seven throughout the day but with 13 races losing it was going to be a brutal end.

67 Profit Betfair Trading

I seem to spot the trends and I know what i am doing is right but as Dave from Bet Angel has said it seems like my timing is all wrong. I did not bother filming today as I thought I would have a day totally focussed on the matter i hand but that did not seem to make a blind bit of difference so tomorrow I will continue recording my screen and we can go from there.

So today’s loss was a huge £14.31 with my biggest win being £1.14 on £3 stakes and my biggest loss being £6.25 which to be honest I should have just bailed out of way-way way earlier.

£14.31 Loss Betfair trading

The other thing I seem to do is get a nice profit then do “one more” move and lose it and a large chunk… I think I need to set a stop loss and profit cap so at least I can manage these losses a lot better. One of the losses was £3.70 because I was hedging it just as it went in play and did not notice it had not hedged… so that did not help the total at all.

The £50K Betfair Challenge is failing rapidly… If anybody is reading this, then please do help and guide me as I would be very grateful. I will not give up, though, and I will keep going because something has to give at some point and especially as I know it can be done.

Let us see what tomorrow holds and hope that these GG’s work with me and not against me. I would like to finish one day this week in a profit, and I don’t care if it is just a penny or two.