All your eggs in one basketWhen you start your online business plan to go BIG whatever you design remember that it could in the future dominate your niche and well this is very important when choosing a name remember not to be location orientated you wouldn’t call you cleaning business St Albans Widget maker. Adding a location to a company name restricts growth and well only limits you to the area in which your name suggests.

However if you did own say Dusty Cleaning cleaning services I would probably look at buying or this would give you some great SEO capabilities especially if you build a couple of sites round that and well that way you are in a good position to dominate the search engines quite easily and also target the market anyway back on track.

So thinking BIG is very important some people call it living in a fairy tale but you have to believe in yourself before it can happen and what I used to do is imagine myself in certain situations and soon enough I was actually in them. It worked well for me and now while I travel the world my plastering business is being run for me back home and is doing really well.

However there is something else and that it is not always a good idea to build a business round one business model. I see a lot of people on forums one week telling me they are making £5k a month with eBay affiliate program then the next I hear they are not earning a dime because eBay gave them the boot! This is a very dangerous strategy I would not ever recommend building a business solely on one business model. I am also not suggesting you skip from one idea to the next as this is also not very productive.

What I suggest you do is pick a program you think will make you the money and use it to earn enough to pay the bills and when it starts making consistent money move on to another program and keep doing this till your desired income is reached. The good thing about covering your mortgage and your other bills with one program is it gives you a little bit of breathing space and there is not as much worry seeing as you wont lose your house or you can actually feed the kids. When the pressures of money are slightly lifted its just amazing how easy it is to make more money.

I found that while I was in the search of the next big thing nothing came but as soon as I start work on an idea I will then get 5 more new ideas. This can be very distracting, but what I do is write them down and when I finish a website I will choose one off my every growing list and well this is what keeps me busy.

So my method of making money is not about earning a lot of money but earn lots of different money now this sounds odd but its very simple. Making money from multiple streams means that if one stops earning you wont lose your house and then also gives you opportunity to build more. I rather have 10 sites making £10 a day than one site making £100 it means all your eggs are not in one basket and well just covers you back a bit.

My uncle has always said never build a business on the back of someone else’s business this is so true what if you build a business off eBay and they go belly up no doing of yourself you lose everything… I am not saying don’t use eBay I am just saying make sure you do it wisely.

Building a business online is going to be tough but if you have determination and the ability to learn and roll with the punches that the internet dishes out you will make a decent living online.