This system uses the power of three, and it is that simple, so let us get started and show you how this Power of Three system works and what you need to do to get it rolling and showing some profit.

The Power Of Three Horse Racing System

The method of arriving at selections is quick and painless, and bets can be placed right at the start of the day’s racing which is great because then you get then forget about them. What I like about this system is the strike rate is quite high in fact I lie, it is exceptionally high. During testing, I managed to get about 80% success rate and to put it into different words it delivered some return on 4 out of every five days.

Lets get this straight right from the off, this system is never going to be spectacular, however if you are not bothered about going after the huge wins and are more than happy to watch your bank balance grow steadily for very little effort the Power of Three racing system could just be the horse racing system for you.

Power Of Three Horse Racing System Selection Method

The first stage of this system is to choose three races. In each of these races, you are going to select not one but three horses to back. I think now you can probably see where this is going and where the name “Power Of Three” comes from!

You Can use any daily newspaper or online website for this horse racing system. The first thing you need to do is check that there are at least three meetings on the day in question, and if there is less than three, then you need to walk away as the bet is off. Assuming there are three or more horse races on the day then you need to proceed as follows.

  • Eliminate any races with under eight runners or over twelve. The former is unlikely to produce sufficient profit for this system to work, while the latter will be too unpredictable.
  • Eliminate any races exclusively for two-year olds or three-year olds. These races often have one or two strongly fancied horses which start at very short prices. These races can be very profitable if you know what you are doing it is not what we are looking for this system.
  • check the betting forecast and eliminate from further consideration any race in which the favourite is predicted to start at 2/1 or shorter odds.
  • if there are less than three races left after going through this process then there is no bet for that day. With exactly three these are the races you use, and you can then proceed ti stage severn with more than three continue as follows.
  • Eliminate any non-handicap races. while these races can still be profitable in the power of three horse racing system, the odds offered in handicaps tend to be more generous. If eliminating all non-handicaps reduces the number of races left to under three, eliminate only the non-handicap race (or races) with the shortest proceed forecast favourite.
  • If there are still more than three races left, eliminate the remaining handicap races with the shortest priced favourites in the betting forecast, until you are left with just three races. These will be the three from which you make your selections.
  • finally, the system requires you to select three horses in each of the three races. Begin by finding the ratings figures in the newspaper you are using. The ratings normally appear at the far right of the race card, and the highest rated horse is often shown with a black spot or asterisk. Your selections in the race concerned will be the first, second and third highest-rated horses.

While this may sound a little complicated, in reality, it should only take a few minutes to arrive at your selections for the day. If, as we recommend, you use a paper like the Daily Mail, the figures you will be using are highly reliable forecast ratings. As mentioned above, however, you can also use any other daily newspaper with racing coverage. Just find the ratings for each horse on the far right of the card.

The Power of Three Horse Racing Staking Method

To recap for a moment, you should now have three races in each of which you have three selections. You will be backing these horses to win in every possible combination of doubles and trebles. Write the bet out on a plane betting slip as follows you will, of course, need to write quite small.

2.30 Newbury
Jack Frost
Maple Gold
Winning Chance

3.00 Kempton
Sister Susan
White Lighter
Perfect Storm

3.30 Carlisle
Eau De Nil
Book Of Shadows

All possible doubles and trebles = 27 win doubles plus 27 win trebles = 54 bets @ 50p each = £27

For the benefit of new readers, we should perhaps explain that a double is a bet on two horses in which all the winnings on the first selection are automatically placed on the second. In a treble, all the winnings from the first two horses in the bet automatically reinvested on the third.

This bet covers every possible double and treble for the nine selections, so the first double would be Jack Frost and sister Susan, then Jack Frost Eau de Nil, and so on. If you are still not clear about this try writing out all possible combinations and you should find that there are 27 possible doubles and 27 possible trebels. Thankfully of course by setting out the bet as above you don’t have to write all 54 bets individually.

Of course, you should substitute the race details and selections in the example for your own. You can also choose a different unit stake if you prefer. We suggest starting at 50p or even lower if you like and perhaps increase the stakes later if you find the system is producing good results for you.

The Power Of Three Horse Racing System

With the power of three racing system then, you have three selections in each race. If your three choices include the winner in two of the races you are guaranteed a winning double, while with the winner in the all three races you are guaranteed a winning treble – which if you followed the system rules correctly, will normally produce a substantial profit.

Obviously, the actual returns and the system will depend on the prices you get. Sometimes these will be better than the prices in the betting forecast, other times they will be worse. If you get two winners, with average odds of 13/2 or better you will cover the stake or will make a small profit. Even if the average odds are less than this, however, you will still get some return.

With a winning treble at this same average price of 13/2, your returns will be a very tasty £210.94 for £183.94 net profit. In practice, we found that the returns from win trebles, betting to a unit stake of 50p, average out at around £120. The best returns, of course, come when one of your third-best horse’s triumph.

Over a season, the power three horse racing system should give you steady returns and if our extensive testing is anything to go by a substantial profit. More experienced punters might like to experiment by using just the top two horses from the ratings and their third selection a dark course which appears to have a better chance than the pundits predicting. On occasions when such horse prevails, it will give your betting bank a very handy boost. Even if you prefer to stick to the selection method described. However, the power Of three racing system should prove a magical addition to your getting portfolio.