I have had two days away from trading, Sunday I was hungover and I felt like death and on Monday I was out test riding a new motorcycle for one of my other blogs. So I thought I would be quite keen to get back trading and losing money.


30-ticks-profitWell you can see the mess that is the Profit and loss chart below and you can see that the losses are small but still compared to Saturdays trading this is pretty bad and I am not happy with myself. A loss of £0.61 is not to bad considering how bad it could have been but still these losses are getting frustrating.

I did have a long run of green in one race that saw me get a 30 tick profit which was very nice and proves that when my mind is on it I know what I am doing but when I am off I am really off.

I decided to spend the rest of the day tidying the office and catching up on work that may be playing on my mind but I need to get my head in gear because the £50K challenge is getting away from me and I am not one that fails at anything so I will keep pushing but please please please leave comments below or on the videos just so that I know I am not talking to myself.

Tomorrow will be a better day I am sure but I need to learn to focus better and try and stay focused for the whole race and not just bits of it.