The Amazon KindleWell this week has been a bit of mad one… not that is any different from any other week but this week for me has meant I have spent a lot of cash on things and well I have to say I am quite pleased with what I have bought this week.

What have my feeling been on this week?

Well I started the week off heading to my uncles garage where I kinder have an office there, that’s where I have meetings when I need them as although I have a home business I don’t really want to bring clients and bank managers to my home so the office space above one of the units that my uncle owns acts as a nice office.

The other thing about having an office away from my normal place of work is that I actually get out the house and I get to see people, and as everybody is netpreneur will know that you don’t get out a great deal and you kinder start shying away from the outside world.

So on Monday I was at the garage but I was actually plastering again… yes as I have mentioned in previous posts and that is that they are building a training room and well seeing as I am a top class plasterer I get the job of making sure that the walls are all good for the painters.

So the rest of the week I have been working on sites for my offline clients, I don’t have a huge client base as that is not the business model that makes me money but it is something I do to help friends and family out and then who they refer to me as well.

I have been building a shop for one client which has sapped a lot of time out of my week not by any fault of the clients just that I am trying to do it using wordpress and so keeping it easy. Its been a bit of a nightmare and I would not recommend ShopperPress for anything, in fact I am pretty disappointed with the whole product and also their DirectoryPress is also pretty pants, even the new beta version that is coming out is not up to scratch either.

However today I finally got the shop finished and also I managed to find time to create the invoice and get that sent :-)

The rest of the week between doing the shop I have been looking at wordpress themes and seeing how I can up my design game as I am getting more and more offline clients and the money is pretty good. Especially as all my affiliate search marketing site are all fully automated so I really don’t have to do much so the offline stuff fills the weeks. But I have found though that my designs are getting boring and very samey which is fine for the client because its the first time they would have seen one of my designs however for me I don’t have as much pride in my work, which is not a great sign.

So I started looking for some themes and I came across Studiopress, now these themes are pretty elaborate and they have some pretty awesome designs and they seem to have a great framwwork called the Genesis framework which seems to be mega flexible.

Well after a couple of hours of umming and arrring I decided to bite the bullet and buy them, when I say them, I actually mean them, I could not decide which themes I wanted so I bought every single one of them and $250 later I was a little worried that I may have wasted some money.

After 10 mins of searching and playing with a demo wordpress install I was in love with the ease of the templates and they are so customisable that I was actually shocked at what I could now easily achieve.

I have picked out 5 new basic themes that will make good sites for all my latest clients and with a bit of tweeking I could make them all different again. I have even found a theme for my main company site that I have left dormant for a long time as I have been so busy building affiliate sites and running forums and travelling… must not forget about travelling.

So I overall I am really happy with Studiopress and I will be seeing how far I can take the designs in the next few months and hopefully they will be a great asset, in fact they have already paid for them selves so I am happy.

The other thing I bought just yesterday was the Amazon Kindle.

I am pretty shrewd with money, I try not to waste it as I did that a few years ago and now I just really decide if I want something before I actually buy it, I know longer impulse buy as I rather spend the money on travelling or whatever.

So the Amazon kindle is an ebook reader and seeing as most of the books I read I have to print out to read the Kindle really did begin to appeal to me and the last time we went travelling I took nearly 8KG’s of books with me which when you are trying to travel light 8kg’s is a lot of weight to have in just books.

I headed over to PC World on Thursday to take a look at the kindle because I had never actually seen one in the flesh so I want to make sure that it is what I wanted. Well I was gob smacked, the display is somewhat awesome, actually thought the screen was a sticker it looked so much like a paper it was untrue. That for me was the seller!

So on Saturday I took the plunge and did not order one but I decided to order Jane one as well because I think she showed an interest in getting but being a student she is not really in a position to go spending money…

I am really looking forward to them coming and hopefully they will be here by Wednesday. I have not heard a bad thing about the kindle so I will be keen at seeing what its really like.

I also spent even more money this week on an SEO course by Sean Donahu and  the help from professionals of the Surface SEO agency, I know a lot about SEO and I don’t call my self a guru but I would call myself an expert so I am always keen to see what other peoples ideas and angles are on the subject.

I was quite impressed with what I watched and there are some pretty awesome strategies that I can not see failing and were explained many times by the expert Mike Wiseman SEO Toronto who is the leading Toronto SEO Expert, I will be trying them out in the coming weeks. I also found some crazy good plugins that I will be testing a lot to see if they actually make a difference to SEO.

That’s about my week really, not incredibly exciting but that is the day and life of a full time internet marketer :-)

Danny Cutts