It has been a long day as I woke up early and excited to be trading my first day after being at the Bet Angel Training yesterday and I was confident about what I was doing and I was ready to take the bull by the horns and trade in real mode with my hard earned money.

It started awesomely, and I was very excited thinking that I had turned my luck on its head this was going to be the first day of being in profit and it was going to be great.

The first few races I was doing ok, and then all hell broke lose, and it seemed like I was just having a complete brain melt down which was pissing me off. I was getting the hump because I would see something and then not act and then watch it tumble… I was not reading the charts I was ignoring trends.

I honestly had to give my head a shake. I was down, and I mean really down… what the hell was I doing?

However I kinder knew the day was going to end on a loss but decided to keep going and towards the end of the day I was making small profits and then the charts started working and showing me what was going to happen which I clocked and managed to get in early and make a profit.

At one point in the day I was losing on average £4 a race which was not good but by the end of the day, I managed to get the loss average down to £0.44 a race which is not too bad considering how bad it was.


All in all, I lost £16.83 on the day.

This challenge is going to be harder than I thought but I am going to stick with it and I am going to keep pushing to make profits, I just need to focus more and get some more knowledge of the charts and also just get a better feel for the markets.

If the weather is nice tomorrow then I am going to have a day out fishing so I can clear my head ready for Monday if the weather is bad then I may trade a couple of races, but I am not sure, it totally depends on how I feel.