Productivity is very important in any business if you are not productive you will either get shown up by someone who is or you may get fired this is not good but in the case of internet marketing there is no one there to show you up no one there to fire you are your own boss. This does sound like good news however there is no one there to give you a kick up the backside when something needs doing or something is not being done quickly enough. If something takes a long time to do then you need to consider if there is going to be a Return on Investment (ROI)

Now my productivity used to be OK when I was working a trade (plastering) I would be up early 08:00 and home by about 15:00 this is a typical plasterer’s day. However those seven hours were hard graft and so when people used to tell us that we were not doing a full days work this used to annoy us. However finishing at 15:00 meant that I had a good few hours in the after noon to get some work done on my websites I would be so motivated by the fact that if I actually pulled something off on a website I would not have to get back on the tools again so working at this stage was not difficult.

However at the weekends if I was not on the tools I would in theory have two days to get work done so this should be my most productive yet I never seemed to achieve anything the days used to fly past and before I knew it would be Sunday night and I would be loading the van back up for Monday!.

I needed a solution and well this is what I started to do I would write down a list of things that needed to be done whether it be design a graphic or get some keywords sorted or research a niche but while I was doing this I would only work 50 minutes to the hour. The reason why a 50 minute hour is so effective is that after and hour of working your mind wonders and you start thinking about dinner or where you might be headed at the weekend ect and well you can was more than 70 minutes a day doing that so I figured this is time well spent.

So what do I do in those ten minutes every 50 minutes well I go for a walk maybe just down to the kitchen or maybe in the garden but most of the time its just round the room. Its now that I update my twitter or check my emails or my stats or my affiliate commission. I find that doing all that in this time is much better spent and also frees up 50 minutes to get some proper productivity done.

So the 50 minute hour was born and I work to this every single day and my productivity has doubled easily. So providing I do an action plan for the day and do 50 minute hours I can pretty much achieve anything in a weekend.

This little trick I believe has helped me over the years build the empire that I won now I am not saying this is the be all and end all but definitely gives you focus and while I mention focus this is what it stands for

F = Follow
O = One
C = Cause
U = Until
S = Success

Which pretty means stick at something till you achieve what you set out to achieve