I was confident when I started today, and the first 5 or so races went well, and I saw a profit and then boom. One race I was £2 up and doing great, and then it flipped, and I was then chasing a loss that just got worst and worst, and so I greened out with a loss of £6.74 which is huge for the stakes and the wins I was seeing.

Even when I was chasing the loss, I knew it was going to end badly, but I could not just walk away. I had to keep clicking, I feel like such an idiot, and I have tried not to beat myself up over it, but it is hard to when you know how much of a pratt you were.

Day 9 Profit and Loss

Anyway, let’s move away from that crap loss and take a look at the day in general, and I have to say that I was quite impressed with myself today.

I traded 26 markets and only lost on 6 of them which is really good I think and if this rate increases then I should start seeing a profit very soon. The six races I did lose were not big losses either just small ones other than the £6.74 the other big loss was £0.21p, so I think I am making headway.

The last three losses of the day were because I was tired and I could feel myself struggling as I had been concentrating pretty hard on the racing today and it was taking its toll, so I decided to finish up early and get this written up instead.

I also bailed out early on a few trades against my better judgment one to give me a small loss, for it to tank back. I would have seen about a £3 profit if I had some big enough balls. The other losses were when I would get greedy and try and hang on against all the signals to make not a massive profit as I should have done.

I ended Up today with a total loss of -£5.25 which is not too bad… Lets hope the next day is better.

What have I learned from today…

  • Don’t chase losses
  • Don’t bail out if the signs are saying not to
  • The trend is your friend
  • Don’t be greedy