I have been doing this Betfair trading for a while now, and I seem to be getting worse at it than I did when I first started. It seems the more I know the worse I trade… How is that even possible?

Everything I seem to do seems to go against me and then there have been a couple of races when the odds just start bouncing all over the place, and I make a big loss. It does start to wear you down, and I am beginning to doubt whether I can make it as a trader which I know is a dangerous mindset, so I am trying to stay positive but I feel like I am just gambling and that is not what Blackhat Betting is about.

Last week I ended the week on a pretty good high and this week is going to end on a loss and based on the last day I traded where I lost £30 and today’s loss on top of that…

There have been lots of comments on Youtube that I really appreciate and so please keep commenting as I think this is pretty much the main driving force of me continuing as I feel like giving up will not only be letting me down but everybody that has cheered me on so I am going to stick with it and I am going to try my hardest to make it work.

I am actively looking for a trader that I can go and see and watch trade and act as a mentor and guide I think I need over the shoulder guidance just to get me moving in the right direction. I have watched hours and hours of videos on youtube, and it has helped but I am missing something, and that is what I think I need.

Failing has never been something I do, and the nearer I am to failure the harder I push. I am not after making massive sums of money like Peter Webb just a profit at the end of each day would be good. I already make a living online, so I don’t have those sorts of pressures but I showing a profit would be good.

The wins I see are small, and the losses are big, and if I could stop the stupid big losses, then I will be on the right track. Learning to trade is the single most hardest thing I have had ever to learn and I reckon training to be a doctor would be easier or even an architect but let us crack on and see what I can do.

If I can learn this and suss it, then it will be a skill for life, and I am sure it will set me up for the rest of my days… we shall see how that pans out.

Profit and Loss for Today's Trading

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Today’s Stats

Traded 29 Races
Won 17 Races
Lost 12 Races
Overall profit/loss -£22.85