Danny Cutts A SleepThis week my productivity has lacked somewhat and I have to say the reason is because I have got a slight addiction to chat rooms and I am not talking about naughty chat rooms I am talking about chat rooms that are related to marketing and making money online.

I really do enjoy these chats but because they are run in the states and I am in the UK (very much reluctantly) they don’t start getting busy till about 2am which is OK once a week but every night I am up till about 4 or 5am chatting marketing and SEO.

I am finding that doing this 5 days a week is absolutely destroying what work I get done, its got to the stage where I cant be bothered to do anything but sleep! This is not as bad as it sounds as I do outsource a lot of work and so even if I am in bed asleep I am not having to worry too much as my company is still growing but I do really need to get a lot more done than I currently am.

Working online is a pretty intense industry and working about 15 hours a day is not only very time consuming but exhausting, I really really do enjoy what I do online and affiliate marketing is absolutely fantastic but I am burning out.

So on this note I am deciding to change my lifestyle a little so that I can get more out of my work week and have more time to do things that I actually want to do…. so I am taking 2 days off a week and only going to do work on my business for 8 hours a day… like a normal person.

How is this going to help me?

Well firstly being sat of a laptop does not mean you are working and a lot of people think that just because they are actually in front of a screen they will make more money but in reality you have to do something while you are sat there.

So if I only work effectively what is 40 hours a week my mind can rest and I can hopefully be more productive in the 8 hours that I am working a day. So as opposed to doing 15 hours a day I can do about 8 good solid hours and this should make me more money in the long run.

So that is what I want to do so as of today no more late nights, no more chatting and only working a few hours a day :-)

I will let everybody know how I get on in 2 weeks time

Danny Cutts