Danny Cutts PlasteringHello everybody,

well this week has been a bit of an odd week really, I actually started this week off by doing a bit of building work for my uncle, not website building, but actual manual labour in the sense that I had to blow the dust off my plastering tools find them all and put them to use.

It has been a pretty long time since I had firstly seen my tools and I struggle to remember the last time I actually did some plastering but a change is as good as a holiday as they say.

So monday morning I was skimming my uncles office out and I have to say I quite enjoyed it, no pressure I just plodded on and put a bit of effort into getting the finish perfect. The funny thing is is that even after all this time of not plastering I jumped straight back into it and the finish was pretty damn good.

The following day a builder came to the office as my uncle runs the maintenance on his vehicles and the builder was pretty impressed with the finish and was trying to persuade me to go back on the tools and he looked shocked when I turned it down.

I am not sure I could ever go back plastering full time, its good in the fits and bursts that I do it now but after doing it for 5 days I reckon I would be ready to hang my trowel up and get behind the laptop screen again.

But this has really opened my eyes, not only am I working pretty hard now to ensure that I dont “have” to go back plastering I am now more focussed than ever. Just this week I picked up a few more offline clients which I then outsource all the work for now and take all the cream off the top.

The other thing about this week is that I am back to skateboarding (yes you can laugh) but when I was younger I use to enjoy skating and it kept me in shape, since dengue fever I have lost a lot of my strength and my balance has been absolutely desperate.

So in a bid to get better and get back on my feet I have been getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the local skate park where I bumble round and pretty much tire myself out in about 20 mins. However even after a few days I notice that I am improving which I am mega pleased about.

The plan for the rest of the week is to finish a product on autoblogging and then to launch my “Working Man’s Web Domination” product which I have been selling for a few months privately to my members, and it has been getting absolutely fantastic reviews so that’s a good thing.

I have also started getting a few more videos using Camtasia produced now and so I think in a couple of weeks I will be doing a video blog on a Wednesday just so you can see what I do from day to day and pretty much get back on the subject of marketing and show you how my mind works.

Danny Cutts