Vanessa ReeceWell today is one of those days that I decided to cut my to do list right down and only do the small tasks. Well its now nearly 16:00 and I am still going balls out to get things done.

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to get things done but it has, however I have actually quite enjoyed the day though. That’s the nice thing about small tasks the change of task in a short space of time is pretty good for morale and also the satisfaction of ticking things off your to do list is good for your mind.

Well as I write this I am doing the monthly back up of my laptop, I copy the whole thing across to an external hard drive and I then email a few of the important spreadsheets I have so that I can access them if I am on the move which is quite often.

I never use to really back things up but one day I lost a hell of a lot of work and well it set me back many months and I lost a lot of money and productivity so now the worst case is that I am a month behind… I know, I could back up at the end of every day but it does take quite a long time and in all honesty a monthly back up is pretty good.

I have also been chatting to a fellow marketer for most of the day, her name is Vanessa Reece is is pretty big in the coaching and business consulting niche. We have been doing quite a few skill swaps this week I have been helping with Amazon and affiliate conversions techniques while she explains how she helps small businesses get a marketing strategy that actually works.

Vanessa or “V” as she likes to be known is building a great name for herself in not only her town but in the internet marketing world. She has her on own show on the network and is sharing a lot of great tricks and idea.

Networking online is very important and building relationships is always beneficial to both parties as long as you don’t waste the time you do spend chatting as this is not very productive and quite frankly a waste of time. Remember that they are also trying to build a business so you are not only wasting your time but theirs as well :-)

I have a site to build for a client this week I don’t normally whore myself out to web design but I its through a referral and I don’t like saying no, also it has everything to do with the money! So last night at about 3am I bought ShopperPress, I have not installed it yet but I think its going to be a pretty good plugin for wordpress and this should help my clients new site no end.

Well thats all I have to say today so I hope you have enjoyed reading about the insight into my day as a full time affiliate marketer.

Have a great day

Danny Cutts